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"it’s not gay if it’s in a threeway" one straight man says to another straight man. there is a third straight man waiting in the bedroom. the rule somehow still applies.

Lydia Martin in 117.

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"I like having my private space, as I close the door of my house, I live in a mess, I can safely stay home for days without shaving or showering, I re-read my lines for tomorrow or study future projects. It is difficult to start, if you live with someone. suddenly want to read the script or invade my space, in that case, I’ll have to kill them. is difficult to live with me."

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Mass Effect 3 Locations →
The Ardat-Yakshi Monastery 

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Assassin’s Creed + Fake Movie Posters

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me: [sees a picture of natalie dormer]



Peter you’re a terrible uncle.

Baby Derek and Papa Hale returns!! Only for fun :D


gents of mass effectkaidan alenko (9/?)

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